• TENRYU Lunakia magnam Rod TENRYU Lunakia magnam Rod

TENRYU Lunakia magnam Rod

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LKM78M ( +$8.00 )
LKM82M ( +$10.00 )

Rod Concept:
Powerful light weight rod
Designed for fishing with lightclass lines, aiming at giant fish such as seabass, black sea bream and black rockfish more than 1 foot in length
Mainly for steady retrieving with small plugs and lightweight jig heads
Butt having outstanding power compared to other rods in same size
Tubular top having sensitivity and comfortable control, made by “Magna Flex” method
Butt with characteristic tenacious power, corresponding to giant fish that suddenly appears
Titanium frame SIC guide
LG top, LDB and KL-H guide
Having system combining tangle free setting and KR guide concept 


Rod description and use:
LKM74M *
Designed for retrieving jig head rig steadily
Soft tip catching instant fishbite and detecting half bite
Effective for aiming at fully matured black rockfish with lightweight rigs at fishing port

LKM78M *
Model useful with jig head rigs in addition to small plugs
Versatile rods for Run & Gun method, useful in various areas such as bay area and rocky shore
Useful for aiming at black sea bream with small rubber jig (3 - 5g)

LKM82M *
Effective at stepped area or where long casting is required
Useful with small plugs, jig heads themselves and floating rigs
Enabling to enjoy fishing making use of its rod length, such as drifting small sinking pencil baits




( m [ft])
*LKM74M 2.24[7'4"] 2 EXF 114 0.8-7 2-5 0.1-0.4 245 1.2 99 85/15
*LKM78M 2.34[7'8"] 2 EXF 119 0.8-7 2-5 0.1-0.4 270 1.2 100 85/15
*LKM82M 2.49[8'2"] 2 EXF 127 0.8-7 2-5 0.1-0.4 270 1.2 101 84/16

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